At CRA Consulting Group, we tailor interventions to clients’ needs. Our solutions are practical, innovative, evidence based and fit-for-purpose.

Capacity Development, Research and Advisory Services (CRA) is a consulting firm with specialty in socio-legal fields. CRA provides consulting services for a broad spectrum of players in the African Great Lakes region. The firm’s clientele includes intergovernmental organizations, development contractors, development organizations, non-profits, governments and the private sector.

The firm specializes in the following fields:

  • Governance, rule of law, human rights and access to justice
  • Law reform, criminal justice, organized crime, sexual and gender based violence
  • Forced displacement, migration, refugees and integration
  • Institution building and strengthening
  • Conflict assessment, conflict management and alternative dispute resolution

Our consultants leverage technical expertise and several years of experience at senior and executive levels in large organizations to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

CRA Consulting Group

Our Approach

The CRA approach is anchored in the application of new insights to existing models in order to steer transformation, achieve quantum improvement and lasting impact. This results oriented approach allows for an in-depth assessment and understanding of organizational practices and enables the design of innovative and accurate responses.

Our results oriented approach comprises robust tools and methodologies ranging from risk assessment and environmental scanning to scenario planning and stakeholder analysis. Each of these steps is critical and helps shape programming, decision making, relationship building and articulation of objectives and/or desired outcomes.

The CRA approach is driven by the following essential questions:

  • Where are we now?(Comprehensive internal review).
  • What does the future look like?(Assessment of sector developments and trends).
  • What do we want to do?(Project design and development).
  • How do we get there?(Strategies and customized interventions).
  • Are we getting there?(Monitoring and evaluation).

Our Services

Capacity Development

CRA supports institution strengthening by providing technical assistance in the design, development and implementation of new policies, programs or reform


CRA undertakes studies that equip clients with evidence based conclusions and recommendations, as well as, deep analysis and context for programming.

Advisory Services

We provide bidding advice, negotiation of joint programs/technical assistance agreements, costs assessments, contracts compliance audits & others
Evidence based solutions